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My name is Nerissa. But my friends call me Nerd. I'm an art student native to Southern California but I've moved to Missoula, MT for school. Here is the account of my experiences here.



Kate McKinnon Takes Over for Ellen (x)

This happened.


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Hey guys, this is my little brother, Mikey. He’s 9 years old. The other day my best friend and I were watching “Americas next top model” and he came in the room and got really upset at how all of the girls seemed to be breaking down over the things they couldn’t control. One girl, who was very thin, was complaining that she was a “fat bitch” and how she needed to lose at least 10lbs. Another girl, quite beautiful, was complaining that her nose was too big for her face. Then Mikey started lecturing Chloe and me on how stupid they were. He was questioning how such beautiful girls could do this to themselves. We tried to explain to him how its not just them, everyone does it and it really upset him. So he wrote himself a little script and asked me for my laptop. He sat there for about two hours trying to make everything perfect so he could try to tell all the girls and guys out there who feel bad about themselves that they’re all beautiful and society is stupid. Please reblog this and share it with your friends for Mikey and his urge to make everyone aware of their beauty. 

This is precious.

I’m going to hunt him down and befriend him in 10 years. 


Tumblr Artist

Bertil Nilsson | Bertil Nilsson on Tumblr (b.1981, Sweden/UK) - Eike von Stuckenbrok (2009)

Analytical, enterprising and positive, Bertil Nilsson is a Swedish-born and London-based artist-photographer. Grace, humanity and expressiveness, Bertil’s work often comes back to the incredible potential of the human body, how it can be pushed and what we can express with it through movement, across language and cultural barriers. “I’m fascinated by all the amazing things we as humans can do if we really try. Anyone that pursues something out of the ordinary, exploring new ground, not repeating themselves or others, is a huge inspiration to me.” Bertil collaborates extensively with dancers and circus artist, you can find more works and in formation on Bertil’s website and Tumblr. (Interview with artist by ARTchipel May-2012)

[more Bertil Nilsson]

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Philippe Halsman: The Dali Mustache, 1953


Philippe Halsman: The Dali Mustache, 1953

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Chris Burden Meets Regis Philbin

PHILBIN: Why did you allow yourself to get shot?

BURDEN: It was a piece of sculpture, and it was the best thing I could think of doing at that time. That’s why I did it.

PHILBIN: [laughs] Chris has got me here. We’re gonna—hang in there Chris, and we’re gonna solve this together. As a piece of sculpture…

BURDEN: Right.

PHILBIN: You allowed someone to shoot you?

BURDEN: Right.

PHILBIN: With a gun?


PHILBIN: And in your mind, that was the sculpture, the result of you being shot.

BURDEN: No, just the moment when I was getting shot was the sculpture, just that instant when the bullet traveled from the gun into my arm. And then after that, it’s all over. That was the sculpture; it was less than a second.

PHILBIN: And it was worth it?

BURDEN: Yeah. It was a good piece.

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